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Forster Assets is a leading Australia-based wealth management provider, offering a range of flexible products and investment solutions through our newly improved online platform. We strongly believe in the value of advice and only offer our products through qualified financial advisers.

Being a subsidiary of FORSTER FINANCE PTY LTD, registered with the company number: 633469771 on 15 May 2019, we have been a financial assets management company engaged in the business of investing pooled capital into financial securities: buying and selling shares, Cryptocurrencies, property, bonds and other assets.

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3 Years of experience

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Our Business Growth is Really Incredible!

Improve efficiency, provide a better customer experience with modern technology services available around the world. Our skilled staff, combined with decades of experience.

Business growth (2018)
Investment growth (2020)
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This is a serious paying investment program. and always pays instantly! Sent me payments without any problems. Many thanks for the support.

“I regret making” comments saying Bitcoin is a fraud, Dimon said in an interview with the Fox Business network. “The blockchain is real. You can have crypto yen and dollars and stuff like that.”

“The investment packages are, if not the best, one of the best in the industry.”

“They gave me the best independent advice on my investment strategy. I am able to monitor the performance, switch funds and add to the investment with little or no hassle.”

“Even as a sophisticated investor, I believe it’s important to have an advisor like them to assist with your portfolio which mirrors your risk profile and investment timeline and requirements.”